Chloridmeter CM20 Chloridemeter

The Chloridemeter CM20 provides quick and exact determination of the chloride ion concentration in liquid micro samples with a minimum volume of 10 µl.

Modern chloride titrators measure the amount of chloride directly in a sample and are based on the principle of coulometric titration by using an end point which is determined by measuring the current between two silver electrodes.

To meet the current and future need for chloride determination, a cutting-edge digital instrument has been developed by GONOTEC: The Chloridmeter CM20

The instrument has an easy, intuitive user interface with a modern touch screen and multi-language prompts, which lead the operator through the entire measurement process.

The instrument is factory calibrated so that manual calibration by lab personnel is not required. It can be equipped with an integrated printer and the results are sent in document-ready format or a PC for data transfer can be connected via USB or RS232.


  • Minimum sample volumes
  • Perfect for measurement of sweat samples
  • Simple operation and handling
  • Automatic measuring
  • Fast operational readiness
  • IVD-control standard in OPC-ampoules
  • Comfortably controlled via a touch screen
  • Optional built-in printer
  • Data transfer via USB or RS232
  • Results remain available after switching to stand-by
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • No need to correct the factory calibration

Key data

Sample volume
20 µl
Duration of measurement
Approx. 20 seconds
± 2 digits (20 µl) at 100 mmol/l
Measurement display
0 - 999 mmol/l
Measurement range
10 - 999 mmol/l
1 mmol/l over the entire measurement range
Integrated stirring
Magnetic stir bar PTFE, cylindrical
Ambient temperature
10-35 °C
Power source
220 V (± 30V), 50/60 Hz, 40 VA, special models 110V, 100V
220 x 205 x 360 mm (L x W x H)
Approx. 5.7 kg

Measurement: Chloridemeter


The measurement principle is based on coulometric impulse titration as an absolute measurement method. Through automated sample recognition, the measurement proceeds fully automatically after the sample is inserted without the need for manual confirmation by the user.

The end of the titration is determined by the measurement electrodes, which permanently determine the conductivity of the solution. This allows the CM20 chloride meter to be operated quickly and easily without the need for many years of experience in the classic chloride determination method. If the chloride ion concentration is very low, it is possible to raise the concentration using the standard solution.


Cystic Fibrosis
  • Only small amounts of sweat are needed
  • Ready-to-use electrolyte (acid buffer and stabilization additive); complies with IVD
  • Required electrolyte replacement is indicated
  • Required electrode cleaning is indicated (frequent source of error)
  • Reference solution 100mmol/l; complies with IVD
  • GMP-compliant (Rili-Bäk, MPG) qualification and validation in hospitals and cystic fibrosis clinics
Other Applications
  • The system is used both in medical laboratory diagnostics and in industry.
  • Chloride determination in serum, urine, sweat or other body fluids
  • Examination of food products for quality control purposes
  • Water analysis of service water and wastewater
  • Agricultural and ecological examinations for determination of salt content in soils
  • Building material analysis in the production of cement and plaster
  • Quality control in the chemical industry, e.g. in the production of fixing and developing baths
  • Production control in the preparation of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products
  • Examination of the salt content of drilling muds in the mineral oil industry
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